About Us

About Us
They interact and work with and through the General Practitioners Committee as well as other branch of practice committees and local specialist medical committees in various ways, including conferences.
The Sandwell LMC represents the core values of the profession and will strive to ensure the values of: equity and fairness, professional development, equal opportunities and quality of care.
Sandwell LMC maintains an extensive network of formal and informal contacts on behalf of local GPs with bodies such as:
• Public Health England
• NHSE (NHS England)
• NHS Executive
• Other LMCs e.g. Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall , Solihull and Wolverhampton
• General Practitioners Committee
• Royal College of General Practitioners
• British International Doctors Association
• Small Practices Association
• National Association of Primary Care
• NHS Alliance
• Members of Parliament
• Local Government
In the current turmoil, Sandwell LMC is a constant presence and a beacon entity in the maelstrom of endless change. Sandwell LMC also organises open meetings on topics of importance to its members. Previous topics included co-operation with secondary care, developments in contracting and on the importance of the New Midland Hospital.
Future topics will include developments relevant to practitioners’ lives, contracting, regulation, CQC (Care Quality Commission) and topics of intense local interest.